Crime & Punishment!

Ok so I know a lot of people in Bahrain don’t like to read, I’m not really into reading that much, I read about 4 Books/Novels a year which is relatively good but still not so much. I’m writing this post as I just finished reading a book that captivated me and kept me company for some long hours in the night.

Crime & Punishment – by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

This Book was originally written in Russian and then translated into several different English versions and also some other languages too. In my opinion it’s one of the best written characters of all time, the story is so chilling and captivating, when I started reading this thick book I found myself unable to put it down; it’s so captivating! I must to tell you though that the story is very graphic and it’s written in a very pseudo-reality way that I really can’t explain; it almost maked you feel like you’re part of the story. There has been online reports about people getting into depression or getting thoughts of suicide after reading this book but I’m not sure how true these reports are. I did find some parts of the book very moving and distressing; I got goose bumps and chills many times and felt some kind of weird feeling towards the end; I also seem to have had some sort of Stockholm syndrome when reading the book; I won’t elaborate more on this but lets just say I fell in love with a murderer! Stockholm Syndrome is an apparently paradoxical psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and have positive feelings towards their captors, sometimes to the point of defending them. I won’t ruin the story for you but please this book is a gem and you have to add it to your reading list!

Hassan Al Bash: What happened to him?

Ok I’m going to start this by saying that I never knew Hassan in real life nor interacted with him on a personal level. I used to follow him for a while on twitter and was intrigued by his level of maturity and understanding and he seemed like a nice guy overall – until a couple of hours ago as of the time I’m writing this post where tweets were passed around about his death and some that he’s missing and the police are looking for him . Hassan Al Bash is a 21 year old Bahraini studying in Newcastle University in the UK.

@MahdiJAli Tweets:

While just an hour ago  @Mohammed_Lori tweets:

The GDN released this news report which falls along the line of @Mohammed_Lori ‘s tweet .

Bahraini student missing in Britain

  Posted on » Thursday, January 05, 2012

“MANAMA: A 21-year-old Bahraini student in the UK has been missing for the past five days, reports MOHAMMED AL A’ALI.

Sources told the GDN that university student Hassan Al Bash had left his jacket on a bridge in Newcastle, England, on New Year’s Eve.

His father, Mahmood Al Bash, who is a lawyer, told the GDN that he was planning to travel to the UK to try to find more information.

“According to the latest information given to me, my eldest son is still missing, and I am waiting for more details,” he said.

The Northumbria Police were unable to disclose any information.”*


At this point I’m really confused. I can’t explain how saddened I am by these horrifying news & I can’t possibly imagine how his family and close friends must be feeling right now.  I just hope he’s still alive somewhere and if  not then my prayers goes to the victim and his family and may he  rest in peace.

Below is Hassan’s  Blog that he never got to start, It’s very unfortunate that we might not come to see what Hassan Has to say.


Al Ayam just posted this chilling news report on their website at:

“قالت مصادر ان طالبا بحرينيا يدرس في جامعـة نيوكـاسل البريطانية، يدعى «ح.م.ا», من أهالي المنامة اختفى منذ 4 أيام في ظروف غامضة، مشيرة الى ان عمليات بحث واسعة عنه قامت بها الشرطة البريطانية اسفرت عن العثور على «جاكيت» يخص الطالب بالقرب من احد الجسور في المدينة. واشار احد الطلبة المقربين له في اتصال مع «الأيام» ان الطالب المفقود لم يكن يعاني من مشاكل نفسية. واضافت المصادر ان الشرطة عثرت على رسالة في «الجاكيت» يوجه فيها اعتذاراً الى اهله. وذكرت المصادر ان عمليات البحث عن الطالب ما زالت مستمرة ولم يتم العثور عليه حتى الآن، مشيرة الى أن الشرطة تعتبره مفقودا. وقالت ان السفارة البحرينية في لندن ووزارة الخارجية تتواصل مع عائلة الطالب المفقود.”*

*Al Ayam

I will respect his families ordeal and privacy and won’t comment on this particular news post at this moment.


*2nd update*

Anohter chilling report claiming Hassan has supposedly commited suicide:

You can read the full story is Akhbar-Alkhaleej’s website here :


I came across this forum post and I was disgusted by one of the replies to say the least . Pure Disgust.

It was one of the replies on the akhbar al khaleej news report which was copied onto one of the forum’s sections.

A link to the forum’s post :

Like are you kidding me? Does it even matter? *sigh*


*3rd update*

The Northumbria police Twitter account replied to an inquiry about Hassan stating that he’s still missing as of 11:50 Bahrain time on 5th of January.

This was the inquiry:

The Northumbria police which patrols the Newcastle Upon tyne area – replied with this statement:

— So I sent this iquiry to the Northumberia twitter account:

& Got this reply:

*4th update*

Finally an update from the Northumbria police:

Watch this space.

7-up for an upset stomach. Does it really work?

Ok so I’ve been thinking about this for a while now becasue as far as I can remember whenever I got sick or had a tummy ache as a child my mum would tell me “Eshrab 7-up” and everyone seems to advice me to do the same .. up till now people in Bahrain still chug a cold can of 7-up when they have stomach pain so this induces the question; does it really work or is it just a myth?

oh wait not this one .. bel’3ala6 :P

This ..


So Do it really work ?

The answer is yes. It’s mainly due to the carbonation of these beverages, or the tiny bubbles. They ease the stomach by helping you burp, and getting rid of the acidity and gas.

So everytime you get an upset stomach just crack open a cold one and enjoy!

Also remember to keep hydrated especially during the winter, you don’t have to drink up to 8 eight glasses a day of plain water, you can substitute with juices and milk. Stay safe.

Around my city.

So for my first official post I thought I’d show my city just because I really don’t know what to blog about. That & that my life life is boring and nothing interesting ever happens so yeah. Enjoy the random pictures that I took with my trusty Iphone 4 and I have to say I’m really impressed with the quality.


Above is my apartment building I live in. It’s nice and all but don’t be fooled! It’s right downtown and the area can get noisy at night; also it’s on a major bus route. I’m planning to move out once my lease is up.


I love this picture & I love this place, it’s a 5 minute walk from where I live I just love to come here and watch the boats go by, there are cafes and restaraunts on the boardwalk underneath but I never tried them but that’s something I’m thinking about doing once the winter is over.



This is the other side of the Rideau canal in the picture above; No boats here though.



Parliement hill.


Look at this cute dog!



A Vending machine to rent movies! Now that’s something I want to see in Bahrain!



last pic is just some random Cute couple .. #ForeverAlone


Ok now that I threw some random pics at your face you will come to realize that I have a serious case of ADHD given how random the pictures were. Don’t judge!!

I broke up with Tumblr

So I finally ditched that stupid excuse of a website called Tumblr when it went fucking hay-wire on my ass today and all my blog posts just went blank and stupid shit was happening and I couldn’t get them back, I tried searching how to fix this fucking stupid ass bitchy ma2sa but I gave up and said Fuck this shitty balls situation I’m moving my ass to WordPress .. soo here I am and this and that and stuff. OKK

My first post: DONE!

Watch this space.