7-up for an upset stomach. Does it really work?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now because as far as I can remember whenever I got sick or had a upset stomach as a child my mom would tell me to drink a can of 7-up and everyone seems to advice me to do the same .. up till now people still chug a cold can of 7-up when they have stomach pain so this induces the question; does it really work or is it just a myth?

So Do it really work ?

The answer is yes.

It’s mainly due to the carbonation of these beverages, or the tiny bubbles. They ease the stomach by helping you burp, and getting rid of the acidity and gas.

So everytime you get an upset stomach just crack open a cold one and enjoy!

Also remember to keep hydrated especially during the winter, you don’t have to drink up to 8 eight glasses a day of plain water, you can substitute with juices and milk.